The sleeper hit of last year's Emerging Artist's Theater's New Works Festival. My solo show that I'll be doing in The United Solo Festival this Fall.


The story of one man's search for God. A God that looks and sounds a lotlike Al Pacino.

Growing up in Kentucky’s Bible Belt, he realized something was different at 15. No, he’s not gay--he’s a Buddhist!  Working at an NYC nonprofit, can he navigate electric yoga teachers, surly Lamas and the almighty as Al Pacino? Come see if I find God in this hilarious and touching memoir.


Please go to unitedsolo.org/us/dudewheresmykarma-2017/ for tickets. Get your tickets now and spread the word, I could use the homegrown publicity!

"...hilarious, moving and enlightening … but mostly hilarious." Timur K., NYC

"Something else really complementary!" a friend, NYC

"Nice buns!" Tina L., Brooklyn